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TENA Slip Maxi

TENA ProSkin Slip for better incontinence management
Maintaining healthy skin plays an important role in maintaining the dignity and well-being of people with bladder weakness. At the same time, the optimized TENA ProSkin Slip products support the work of caregivers by reducing the time spent caring for the skin of incontinent patients. Thanks to the further development of innovative technologies, the all-in-one incontinence products offer even more safety and greater leakage protection.


Effective protection against severe to very severe urine leakage
The all-in-one incontinence product TENA Slip Maxi is suitable for people with restricted mobility and bedridden with severe to very severe urine leakage. Extra wide, adjustable adhesive tabs ensure a perfect fit, reliable protection against leakage and a comfortable fit. Thanks to FeelDry Advanced™ technology, the skin stays dry because leaking liquid is drawn directly away from the surface and channeled inside. There, the absorbent core securely traps even large amounts of urine, while the breathable ConfioAir™ back panel allows air to circulate and the skin to breathe. These properties help maintain the skin's natural health. Thanks to the effective odor neutralizer, there are no unpleasant odors and the feeling of freshness is preserved.

TENA SLIP maxi. Easy, quick changing

The TENA ProSkin Slip Maxi is easy to open and, thanks to the open design with wide adhesive flaps, enables efficient changing both standing and lying down. The Velcro straps are easy to adjust and can be fastened multiple times for a perfect, secure fit. The wetness indicator on the outside is also practical for good incontinence care. It reliably shows when the disposable incontinence briefs need to be changed.

The advantages of TENA ProSkin Slip Maxi

  • Triple protection for skin health: dryness, skin gentleness and anti-leakage protection to maintain skin's natural health
  • FeelDry Advanced™: Top and distribution layers wick liquid away from the surface, keeping skin dry
  • Highly absorbent core: High absorbency for reliable leakage protection
  • Breathable materials: The textile-like material allows air to circulate and supports skin health and comfort
  • Extra wide Velcro fasteners: Easy to put on and can be adjusted several times for a perfect fit, protection and wearing comfort
  • Wetness indicator: The practical color display signals when it is time for a change
  • Odor neutralizer: Against unwanted odors



Dermatologically tested and certified by the Skin Health Alliance
, TENA ProSkin is specifically designed to improve skin health in the elderly and to efficiently support caregivers. All incontinence products have been tested by the independent experts of the Skin Health Alliance for their skin-friendliness and have been found to be good.

Instructions for use


The disposable incontinence briefs can be changed while standing or lying down. The extra wide Velcro fasteners on both sides of the front part can be fixed several times and adapt to the individual body shape. The wetness indicator on the outside of TENA ProSkin Slip Maxi turns from yellow to blue when it's time to change your incontinence product.


How can a slimmer incontinence product provide greater leakage protection?
Our team of experts is constantly working on the further development of the products in order to better meet the needs of people with incontinence and the requirements of caregivers. Thanks to optimized absorbent layers, leaking moisture is kept away from the skin, and the ConfioAir™ technology prevents moisture from accumulating. In this way, a thinner product could be developed that at the same time offers greater leakage protection and supports the natural health of the skin.

Is TENA ProSkin Slip Maxi also suitable for use at night?
Yes, the disposable incontinence pants provide reliable protection even when worn for a long time. TENA ProSkin Slip Maxi has been specially developed for heavy to very heavy urine leakage and has a correspondingly high absorbency.

What is the nature of the ProSkin Slip material?
Compared to many standard incontinence products, TENA ProSkin Slip convinces with the good wearing comfort of the textile-like materials, which feel pleasantly soft on the skin. The breathable materials have been dermatologically tested and approved by the independent Skin Health Alliance for their skin-friendliness.