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TENA Slip Plus M x 10 pieces

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  • TENA Slip Plus M. High quality Tena Slip Plus OTC Edition diapers, which can be used in people suffering from moderate or severe incontinence. They are especially recommended for dependent and lying patients.

The solutions used in Tena Slip Plus OTC Edition diapers allow you to maintain comfort in people with incontinence. The unique ConfiAir system (back and sides made of a soft, breathable material) ensures free air flow, making it easier to keep the skin dry and comfortable, the delicate material protects against irritation. The absorbent body guarantees maximum protection against leakage, FeelDry technology absorbs even large amounts of liquid instantly. Moisture is isolated from the skin, it does not leak even when the cartridge is under pressure. In addition, the Odour Neutralizer system keeps you fresh because it eliminates the unpleasant smell of urine. Tena Slip Plus OTC Edition diapers are extremely comfortable, appropriately contoured elastic bands around the waist and thighs are flexible and guarantee comfort, in addition, they provide even better protection against leakage. The comfort is a wide Velcro fastener, which can be repeatedly fastened and detached. It is also worth paying attention to the moisture indicator, which signals the need to change diaper pants (the indicator changes from yellow to blue).

Tena Slip Plus M diapers are designed for use in the medium and severe incontinence, especially in patients lying and dependent. Size M: for people with a waist circumference of 73-122cm.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. The product has been dermatologically tested.

How to use: A
detailed description of the nappy pants is provided on the packaging.