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TENA Slip Plus Medium x 30 pieces

SCA Hygiene Products

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  • You care ward to ensure comfortable conditions? Bet on diapers Tena Slip Plus, which are perfect for a bedridden patient, who frequently have a problem with incontinence.

Operation and use:
Patients lying and walking who suffer from urinary incontinence are dedicated diapers Tena Slip Plus. They are highly absorbent, and do not allow for the return of the liquid to the surface of the diaper pants - is responsible for FeelDry technology used in the production batch. Rapid uptake of liquid makes the skin is not exposed to moisture and possible sores. From leaking protects not only the charge but also profiled band around the thighs and waist. ConfioAir system components used for the side and rear of the product provides the skin with access to air, which reduces the risk of irritation. Perfect fit pant diapers Tena Slip Plus is possible because the wide Velcro closure times can improve. An interesting solution is to use a material that resembles a soft, delicate skin fabric. Comfort of the diaper pants also significantly increases system Odor Neutralizer, which absorbs odor of urine. In addition to all these advantages Tena Slip Plus product has one - moisture indicator that tells you when to replace diaper (change of color of the indicator from yellow to blue).

Size M fits the person with the circumference of the hips from 73 to 122cm.

Additional information:
Tested dermatologically. Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature.

Method of use:
Use as intended.