TENA WET WIPES 3in1 x 48 wipes cleanses the skin of impurities UK-USA

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  • TENA WET WIPES 3in1 is a product that not only thoroughly cleanses the skin of impurities, but also contributes to the restoration and protection. It contains no alcohol and has a pleasant smell.

The product combines three unique properties - primarily contributes to a thorough cleaning and removal of impurities from the skin surface (whether from the area of the perineum, or the whole body).In addition, exhibits moisturizing properties and promotes the reconstruction of the skin and acts on him protectively. Convenient package contains 48 pieces wipes of considerable size, which does not contain alcohol. They characterized by a pleasant smell. Used in the packaging lid allows you to remove only the 1 handkerchiefs.

Wipes should be used to clean and care for the perineal skin and whole body.

How to use:
Apply topically, gently rubbing the skin requiring clean handkerchief.After use, throw it in the trash.