Turpentine TERPENTINE OIL 100g.


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Turpentine TERPENTINE OIL is a preparation that causes capillary vasodilation. It also has a low antibacterial and expectorant effect.

Turpentine TERPENTINE OIL Composition:

turpentine oil

Action of Turpentine TERPENTINE OIL:

The preparation belongs to the broad group of essential oils. Using it allows you to support the treatment of pain and respiratory infections. It irritates sensory endings and, consequently, causes the expansion of capillaries, resulting in redness of the skin. Used by inhalation or in small doses orally it has expectorant properties.

Indications for use of Turpentine TERPENTINE OIL:

It is recommended to use the product in case of rheumatic or neuralgic pain, as well as by inhalation in the case of long-term inflammation of the respiratory system (especially in large amounts of secretions).

Dosage of Turpentine TERPENTINE OIL:

Use externally or by inhalation. Lubricate the skin with a few drops of oil or inhale an infusion made of 10-20 drops per 250 ml of boiling water.