TEST for urinary tract infection x 1 pack (2 pieces) UTI, bladder infection


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  • TEST for urinary tract infection is a product for external use where immersion in a urine specimen enables the diagnosis of urinary tract infections at home.

Package contains: 2 aluminum envelopes (each containing 1 strip test and moisture absorber) and test instructions. The color scale is on the package.

Action: The
product is a strip test. On its surface were separate reaction boxes in the form of colored squares. On each test, there are 2 reaction fields for urine determination such as nitrite and white blood cell counts. After placement of the strip in the urine, appropriate biochemical reactions occur, contributing to the change of color of the fields. Comparison of the colors obtained with the color scale on the package allows the diagnosis of urinary tract infections or exclusion in the home.

It is recommended to use a diagnostic test as a method to confirm or exclude urinary tract infections.

Apply externally. For a test, use a urine sample from the middle stream, preferably from the first morning collection, all night (at least 4 hours) without urination. Make the test within 60 minutes of taking the urine sample. Dip the test for 1-2 seconds. The resulting coloration should be compared to the color scale on the package. Nitrites can be read within 1 minute, white blood cells - 2 min. Modifications of the coloration of the reaction fields that are noticeable after 2 minutes are not diagnostic.