TEST Narkodiag Multi-Test quickly to detect the presence of drugs


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  • TEST Narkodiag Multi-Test is a product that quickly and effectively to detect the presence of drugs (amphetamines, morphine, ecstasy, marijuana and hashish (THC)) in the urine sample.

The product belongs to the broad category of drug testing. It is designed in such a way that it can detect the presence of several drugs in urine. With it, it is possible to self-checks that already within 5 minutes. Results appear as a colored line on the test strip. The presence of amphetamine in the body can be checked after 4-72 hours after taking the drug. Almost 30% of amphetamine is excreted in the urine as unchanged as the rest of its derivatives. Metabolite presence of marijuana (THC) in urine can be detected within 1 hour and 3-10 days after use of marijuana. The presence of morphine in urine states after 7-72 hours after its adoption. Codeine can be detected within 1 hour and 7-21h after a single oral dose.

Use test strips within the framework of in vitro diagnostics, to check whether the urine is one of the drugs - amphetamines, morphine, ecstasy, hashish, marijuana. The threshold for amphetamines is 1000 ng / ml, marijuana - 50 ng / ml, ecstasy - 100 ng / ml of morphine - 2000 ng / ml.

How to use:
Apply externally. Before applying it is advisable to read the manual. In order to study, use a urine sample stored in a clean container, where the temp. Is 2-8 ° C and has been downloaded no more than 48 hours earlier. The test strip immersed in urine and Hold for 10-15 seconds.Then put the belt on a flat surface and wait for the colored lines appear. The result should be visible after 5 minutes.