TETESEPT basic bath salt Detox pure 45 g

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TETESEPT basic bath salt Detox pure

• Alkaline bath salt with skin-cleansing and deacidifying formula
• Neutralizes the acids on the skin, revitalizes
• Supports fasting cures, stress and sport
• With 100% natural sea salt, active minerals, activated charcoal and white clay
• Developed according to current scientific knowledge
• Dermatologically approved
• Easily soluble bath salt
• Free from preservatives, paraffins and mineral oils
• Vegan

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TETESEPT basic bath salt Detox pure Dosage and application:
Add tetesept Alkaline Bath Salt Detox pure to the running bath water. The optimal bathing temperature is 35-38 ° C, with a bath time of 30 minutes.
For a hand or foot bath (6 liters of water), 1 tablespoon of bath salt is recommended. Keep out of the reach of
TETESEPT basic bath salt Detox pure Do not ingest cosmetic product Avoid:
direct contact with sensitive surfaces
Does not stain skin or hair. Remove
residues in the tub with hot water