THEALOZ DUO GEL UD 10 x 0.4ml - thealoz duo

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  • THEALOZ DUO GEL UD formulation of moisturizing and prevent moisture loss. It relieves symptoms associated with ocular dryness and accelerates the regeneration of the corneal epithelium after damage. It contains no preservatives.

THEALOZ DUO GEL Composition:
Trehalose 3 g, sodium Hialuran 0.15 g, Karomer (Carbopol 974P) 0.25g, Sorbitol, Sodium hydroxide, Water for injection to 100 g.

THEALOZ DUO GEL UD is a combined preparation for topical use. It consists of trehalose, which has a strong protective effect. Shows antioxidant properties and is responsible for the hydration of tissues. Effectively protects the cells, among others, by stabilizing the cell membranes. Hialuran sodium belongs to the group of natural polysaccharides (complex molecules). It is a naturally occurring compound in the structures of the human eye. Moisturizing effect by binding water and increase the hydration of tissues and surfaces of the eye. Hialuran sodium ensures better adhesion of the gel to the surface of the eye. Responsible for stimulating recovery of damaged corneal epithelium. Carbomer ensures the maintenance of the formulation THEALOZ DUO GEL UD for a long time on the surface of the eyeball. This allows for longer brings relief in case of discomfort and associated with dry eye syndrome.

THEALOZ DUO GEL Contraindications:
- Hypersensitivity to product components

THEALOZ DUO GEL Indications:
The gel should be used at moderate and severe symptoms of dry eye, which are connected inter alia the influence of environmental factors (eg. dust, sunshine, wind, air conditioning).

used topically. It is recommended applying 1 drop in each eye x 1-4 / 24. The last dose of the gel is best given in the evening, just before going to sleep.