THEALOZ Duo eye drops 3X10 ml

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THEALOZ ® Duo - The double formula against dry eyes

THEALOZ Duo eye drops Protects and regenerates. More than just hyaluronic acid.

Do you know that? Your eyes itch, burn, or watery, irritated, red, or dry. Do you have the feeling that you have a foreign body in your eye? Then you are likely suffering from dry eye symptoms.

Thealoz Duo is an innovative combination of successful and millions of applied mechanisms of action for dry eyes. Thealoz Duo combines the positive properties of hyaluronic acid with those of the natural ingredient trehalose. While the hyaluronic acid pleasantly moisturizes the eye and forms a long-lasting film of moisture on the surface of the eye, the trehalose stabilizes the natural tear film. On the other hand, trehalose protects the eye from damage caused by dryness, while hyaluronic acid regenerates existing damage to the surface of the eye.

Thealoz Duo is available in the tried and tested ABAK ® bottle for approx. 300 applications, is of course preservative and phosphate-free and suitable for all types of contact lenses.
The very inexpensive bulk pack with 3 dropper bottles is ideal for long-term use.
Thealoz Duo is suitable for all forms of dry eye, especially for people who value comfort and ease of use.