THERAFLU Cough Syrup 100ml antitussive properties Children from aged 3 years old


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  • THERAFLU Cough Syrup is a formulation showing antitussive properties. Responsible for alleviating the symptoms of cough of different etiology. It works citrate butamiratu.

1 ml syrup contains citrate butamiratu 1.5 mg; Other ingredients are sorbitol 70% solution, sodium saccharin, vanillin, benzoic acid, ethanol 96% v / v glycerol, sodium hydroxide solution 30% w / w, purified water.

The drug is in the form of a syrup, which contains citrate butamiratu referred to as a non-opioid antitussive formulation. Effectively it works on the symptoms of cough of different origin, stopping cough and bringing relief. The syrup is intended for oral administration.

- allergic to ingredients
- concomitant use of expectorants
- feeding to children under 3 years of age

It is recommended to use the product in case of cough of different origin in adults and children over 3 years of age.

For oral use. Children aged 3-6 years given 5 ml syrup x 3/24. Children aged 6-12 years give syrup 10 ml x 3/24. In adolescents over 12 years of age syrup 15 ml x 3/24. In adults, use 15 ml of the syrup x 4/24.