THERAPEARL sports package with strap x 1 piece


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  • TheraPearl The multi-sports package with a strap helps to relieve pain and reduce swelling in the event of breakage or injury. Bar much easier to maintain the wrap in place. For the application of cold or heat.

1 package - Dimensions: 28,4cm x 11.5 cm.

Swelling, bruising, trauma and sports injuries depending on the specifics may be considered cold or warm compress. Multi-purpose sports package TheraPearl helps in both situations. Unique filling with special beads can be both cool and warm. These beads are sufficiently unique that the therapeutic keep the temperature for 20 minutes. The product is flexible and malleable, and therefore easy to adjust to different parts of the body. In addition, the bar holds compress the site of pain.

TheraPearl The multi-sports package with a belt for use in the treatment of cold or heat. As a warm wrap in pain and muscle contractures, as a cold compress for bruises, cuts and ruptures. For use in arthritis both cold and heat.

Additional information:
For use only in accordance with the intended purpose. Skin burns may occur if the wrap is used for too long. Wraps in children can be imposed only by an adult. The heating time longer than the suggested could lead to product failure.

If the skin at the site of the planned wrap is chapped, irritated, oversensitive or insensitive you must first consult your doctor. Do not open the package, do not puncture. It is not suitable to eat. Do not use in infants.

For external use. Check the temperature of the wrap before each use. Chronic pain, long-lasting and very strong requires a medical consultation. Cold therapy - cool pack for about 2 hours. Thermal therapy - wrap and heat in microwave (700W - approx. 40 seconds, the 1000W - approx. 35 seconds, the 1250W - approx. 30 seconds). Therapeutic temperature is maintained for 20 minutes (time suggested the use of wrap). Before holding a compress, wait 20 minutes.