Thermofocus 01500 Thermometer 1 pc. without contact, in a very short time


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  • The thermometer measures temperature without contact, in a very short time. As one of the few used by specialist medical units, which proves its reliability. Manufactured in Italy. Model 01500

Thermofocus thermometer can also measure the temperature of other parts of the body temperature of different objects and spaces.The entire procedure of measuring the temperature takes place in a fast, precise, hygienic and non-invasive.

New features in Thermofocus thermometer 01500:

Besides the functions model 0700 Model 01500 also has additional features:

  • Press the "Home" can measure the temperature of the thermometer closer to any part of the body - this feature is very useful when the face is sweaty or covered with wrinkles and there is a suspicion that the measurement may be wrong.
  • After 30 seconds of not using the thermometer, it switches to standby mode, showing the temperature of the room and never turning off.
  • Model 01500 is designed primarily for professional use (hospitals, clinics, clinics), but also for people who want to always have a precise temperature measurement results.
  • It has the "memory", with which you can recall the last 9 measurements.

Temperature is measured by directing a thermometer to center of the forehead or around the navel. Determining the correct distance between the body and the thermometer is simple thanks to two bundles emitted by the LED. When the two emitted within a certain beam of red light will focus on one point, the distances that the correct temperature measurement. At this point, keep the thermometer still for a period of approx. One second and make a measurement by releasing the measurement of temperature. There is no reason for concern at the moment of directing a beam of light in the eyes - the light emitted by the LED is completely harmless and safe. Where the patient or the child is moving, crying or has a perspiring forehead, is possible to measure the temperature of the navel, armpit (model 01500) or around the ear (all models). In the case of the elderly, whose face is covered with wrinkles, you can use the same procedure. The thermometer is multifunctional: In addition to basic already mentioned functions of thermometer, it can also be used by doctors for other purposes: measuring the temperature of various parts of the body, measure the temperature on open wounds and measuring the temperature of the internal organs during surgery - all thanks to the Thermofocus measures temperature without contact - it's fast, precise, hygienic and non-invasive! Specifications:

  • Measuring range of temperature from the forehead - 34.0 / 42.5 C.
  • The scope of measuring the temperature of the remaining items - 1.0 / 55.0 C. (water temperature measurement, liquid, air).
  • The ambient temperature in which the thermometer is working properly - 16.0 / 40.0 C.
  • The scale of measurement - 0.1 C.
  • Accuracy (according to the standard ASTM E 1965 to 1998)
  • Temperature range - from 36.0 to 39 ° C +/- 0.2 C.
  • The temperature range - from 34.0 to 35.9 ° C +/- 0.3 C.
  • Temperature range - from 39.1 to 42.5 ° C +/- 0.3 C.
  • Number of buttons - 3.
  • Thermometers are CE and Declaration of Conformity.
  • Technical data and thermometer measurements:
  • Provided with a thermometer batteries (4 x AAA battery).
  • Dimensions: 165 x 40 x 20 mm.
  • Weight: 99 grams (weight of batteries).