Thin Lancets x 50 pieces


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  • Thin Lancets recommended as spare blades fit most of lancets on the market. Thin Lancet medical device characterized by a very thin blade and high quality. Sterile product.

Lancet Thin has a universal shape, so it can be used for most lancing devices, which are available on the Polish market. The lancet blade is very thin, resulting in a reduction in force necessary to puncture and to reduce the discomfort caused by the puncture.Lancet easy to use.

Lancet Thin recommended as a set of spare blades fit into most models of lancets.

Additional information:
The product disposable. Re-use of used lancet by the same person or another person associated with the risk of microbiological contamination. Keep out of reach of children.

How to use:
Use in accordance with the instructions spike. The used lancet Remove the lancing device and discarded.