THIOCTACID 600 T injection 5X24 ml diabetic nerve damage (Polyneuropathy)

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Thioctic acid 600 t. areas of application: thioctic acid 600 T applied in abnormal sensations in diabetic nerve damage (Polyneuropathy).

To be the risks and side effects read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

diabetic nerve damage (Polyneuropathy) Thioctic Acid® 600 T


Solution for injection with 600 mg of alpha-lipoic acid
For use in adults,
diabetic nerve damage (Polyneuropathy) Active ingredient: alpha-lipoic acid, trometamol salt (1:1)

Read all of this leaflet carefully because it contains important information for you. This medicine is available without a prescription. The best possible To achieve treatment success, thioctic acid 600 T but are correctly applied.
to Lift the package leaflet. You might like these later read again.
ask your pharmacist if you need more information or need advice.
If your symptoms worsen or after 14 days no Improvement, you definitely need a doctor attention.
If one of the listed side effects gets serious, compromised or you notice any side effects not in this use of the information given, please inform Your doctor or pharmacist.

Alpha-lipoic acid, the active ingredient in thioctic acid 600 T diabetic nerve damage (Polyneuropathy), is a the body's own metabolism formed substance, the specific Metabolic activities of the body affected. In addition, alpha-lipoic acid anti-oxidant properties, the the Nerve cell against reactive decomposition products protect.


Thioctic acid 600 T diabetic nerve damage (Polyneuropathy) should not be used if you hypersensitive (allergic) to alpha-lipoic acid or a of the other ingredients of thioctic acid 600 T.

Take special care with the application of thioctic acid 600 T is required:
In connection with the use of thioctic acid 600 T Solution for injection or infusion were allergic reactions (Hypersensitivity reactions) to life-threatening Shock (sudden circulation failure) have been observed (see section Side effects). Therefore, your doctor you will while the application of thioctic acid 600 T on the Occurrence of Early itching, Nausea symptoms (e.g., malaise, etc.) monitor. If these occur, the treatment immediately end; if necessary, additional treatment measures are required. After Use of thioctic acid 600 T of a change in the smell Urine will be perceived, has no clinical significance.

Children and young people 600 T diabetic nerve damage (Polyneuropathy) of treatment with thioctic acid to exclude, because there is not enough experience for this Age group is available.

With the use of thioctic acid 600 T, with other medicines,:
Please inform your doctor or pharmacist if you have any other Medicines are taking or have Recently taken even if it is not applied, prescription drugs is. Please note this information is also recently applied to medicine can apply. It is not excluded that the simultaneous Use of thioctic acid 600 T for the loss of effect of Cisplatin (a cancer drug) leads.

The blood sugar lowering effect of agents against diabetes
(Insulin, or other agent against diabetes, which is taken be) can be strengthened. Therefore, in particular, at the beginning of the Treatment with thioctic acid 600 T, close monitoring of glycaemic control displayed. In individual cases, it can be used to avoid Hypoglycemia symptoms are required, the dose of Insulin and the dose of the Agent against diabetes, according to the To reduce instructions of the attending physician.

With the use of thioctic acid 600 T with food and Drinks,:
The regular consumption of alcohol represents a significant Risk factor for the emergence and the persistence of below Diseases associated with damage to the nerves, and can thus also the success of a treatment with thioctic acid 600 T affect. Therefore, patients with diabetes is cher Nerve damage (polyneuropathy) are generally recommended, the To avoid consumption of alcohol as far as possible. This also applies to therapy-free intervals.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding:
Ask before use of any medicines with your doctor or pharmacist for advice. It corresponds to the General principles drug therapy during pregnancy and Lactation medicinal product only after careful Benefit-risk assessment apply. Pregnant and Nursing women should a treatment with alpha-lipoic acid only after careful recommendation and Monitoring by the doctor as yet no experience with this patient group. Special studies in Animals have disorders no evidence for fertility or teratogenic effects result. About a possible Crossing alpha-lipoic acid in breast milk is not known.

Ability to drive and Use machines:
No special precautions are required.

Areas of application:
Thioctic acid 600 T is used in case of failure sensations diabetic nerve damage (polyneuropathy).