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Throat infection AMOLOWE x 16 lozenges


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  • Throat infection. Amole throat, lozenges containing extract of thyme herb, marshmallow root extract and menthol that favorably affect the oral mucosa and throat. Indicated by irritation of the throat and upper respiratory tract.

Thyme herb extract (Thymus vulgaris) - 60 mg (content in 1 pellet) Marshmallow
root extract (Althaea officinalis) - 50 mg (content in 1 pellet)
Menthol - 2.5 mg (content in 1 pellet)
Amole throat, a preparation containing a composition of natural herbal extracts, supplementing the daily diet with moisturizing ingredients that cover and sooth throat irritations. Lozenges thanks to extracts of marshmallow and thyme and menthol soothe dried, irritated throat, moisturize and protect the mucosa of the throat, which allows to maintain proper voice emission and facilitate swallowing. Pellets are especially recommended in the autumn and winter season and people with irritation of the throat mucosa and upper respiratory tract.

Directions for use:
Oral. 1 to 4 pastilles a day, suck to dissolve.