Throat inflammation cure, throat sweating, inflamed back of mouth, SAGE CURARINA drops

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SAGE CURARINA drops, Throat inflammation cure, throat sweating, inflamed back of mouth

Throat inflammation cure, throat sweating, inflamed back of mouth, SAGE CURARINA ® drops

The solution for mouth and throat inflammation and heavy sweating: Sage CURARINA ® drops.

Active ingredient: extract from sage leaves.

Areas of application:
Traditional herbal medicine for use as a gargle solution to improve the symptoms of inflammation of the mouth and throat. For use in case of excessive sweating (excessive perspiration). The drug is a traditional herbal drug that is only registered for the area of ​​application due to long-term use. Contains 47.5% alcohol by volume.

For risks and side effects, read the leaflet or ask your doctor or pharmacist.

active ingredient
10 ml SAGE CURARINA ® drops contain: extract from sage leaves; Extraction agent : ethanol 50% V/V

Throat inflammation cure, throat sweating, inflamed back of mouth, SAGE CURARINA drops Indication

The herbal SAGE CURARINA ® drops can be used in many ways thanks to the medicinal plant sage they contain: As a gargle solution, they improve symptoms of inflammation of the mouth and throat mucosa, while when taken internally they inhibit heavy sweating (increased sweating).

The advantages of SAGE CURARINA ® at a glance, Throat inflammation cure, throat sweating, inflamed back of mouth, SAGE CURARINA drops


  • herbal medicine based on carefully selected plant components (extract from sage leaves)
  • gentle preparation of the plant extracts to ensure the healing powers of sage
  • no sugar, no chemical additives or excipients
  • to inhibit increased perspiration, for example in hyperhidrosis or hot flashes during menopause (internal use only for adults)
  • to improve the symptoms of inflammation in the mouth and throat (suitable as a gargling solution for children over 12 years of age)
  • Purchase without prescription in the pharmacy (as 50 ml and 100 ml pack)

mode of action Throat inflammation cure, throat sweating, inflamed back of mouth, SAGE CURARINA drops

Who doesn't know that: Hot temperatures or exhausting sports - and the sweat is already running! A completely natural process and an important protective function of the body. Because: With the help of sweat, the body temperature is regulated so that we do not overheat. However, in some cases excessive sweating can occur, for example in people with hyperhidrosis (abnormal sweating). Wet patches under the armpits or on the back, sweaty hands and a strong odor - those affected often suffer from these inconveniences. But that need not be! There is herbal help: Common sage (Salvia officinalis L.) has proven itself for centuries as a medicinal plant due to its diverse effects - including heavy sweating. Even if this is not scientifically proven, years of experience reports indicate the positive effects of sage. It is believed that the essential oils in the medicinal plant (thujone, cineol, camphor and others) have a calming effect on the autonomic nervous system, which is involved in controlling the sweat glands. The extract from sage leaves is found in extracted form in SAGE CURARINA® drops. The herbal medicinal product develops its effect when used internally: It suppresses excessive sweat production, for example in the case of foot or armpit sweating and hot flashes during menopause. In addition to its antiperspirant properties, sage is also in demand for oral hygiene: the medicinal plant is said to have an antiseptic effect (germ-reducing). In addition, those affected can use SAGE CURARINA ® drops for inflammation in the mouth and throat. As a gargle solution, sage has an antibacterial (antibacterial) and antiviral (viral) effect and can help alleviate pain and difficulty swallowing. In this way, the affected oral and pharyngeal mucus is given the opportunity to regenerate. SAGE CURARINA ®Drops contain only carefully selected plant components extracted in pure medicinal alcohol. Thanks to the gentle manufacturing process, the healing powers of sage are preserved.

Throat inflammation cure, throat sweating, inflamed back of mouth, SAGE CURARINA drops. Taking SAGE CURARINA ® drops

SAGE CURARINA ®Drops are available without a prescription and in pack sizes of 50 ml and 100 ml in pharmacies. The present complaints are decisive for the application and dosage. If you sweat profusely, use the drops as follows – unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor or pharmacist: Adults: for internal use 2 ml 3 times a day. It is best to take the drops after meals and with a little liquid to himself. If the herbal medicine is used to improve symptoms of mouth and throat inflammation, the following dosage recommendations apply: Children over 12 years: total daily dose 4 ml Adults: total daily dose 2 times 4 ml Use the measuring cup included in the package to prepare the gargle solution or mouthwash .® drops with a little warm water in a glass and gargle or rinse with portions of the ready-to-use solution for about one minute several times a day. Care should be taken not to swallow the solution. The drops should not be used for more than 14 days. For more information about the product, please refer to the package insert. Note: The herbal medicine contains an extract of sage leaves in pure medicinal alcohol. Internal use (2 ml) results in an alcohol content of around 0.9 grams per intake. In comparison, a glass of apple juice (250 ml) has 1 gram of alcohol.

Possible side effects
When using SAGE CURARINA ®side effects cannot be completely ruled out. If you experience an allergic reaction (such as a rash or itching), stop using the drops and consult your doctor.