TICSTER Spot-on solution for drip for cats up to 4 kg 6X0.4 ml


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TICSTER spot-on solution for cats up to 4 kg of
active ingredient from the chrysanthemum. Up to four weeks of protection against fleas and ticks.

Protect your cat and thus your home from ticks and fleas with Ticster ® Spot-on

6 tubes for 6 months: Apply
one tube to your cat every month. Because good protection depends on the regularity with which it is applied.

Weight-based dosage:
There is the right dosage for every weight class, so your cat gets as much active ingredient as it needs, but no more.

For dropping onto the skin. Split the fur in the neck area until the skin is visible.

Open the tube by twisting the cap to loosen the seal.

Place the tip of the tube lightly on the skin and drip the contents of the tube completely onto the skin on the neck.

Apply only to intact skin. The treatment can be repeated if the previously treated cat has been exposed to heavy rain or water several times.

Important for using Ticster ® Spot-on
Your cat should:
• be healthy and have no skin irritation or inflammation at the application site.
• Be over 3 months old.

In multi-animal households, separate the animals from one another until the product has dried. It is particularly important to ensure that your cat does not lick the product from the application site after administration, or that several animals do not lick the product off each other.

The solvent in Ticster ® Spot-on can attack certain materials such as leather, fabrics, plastics and polished surfaces. The application site should be dried before contact with such materials.

One pack is sufficient for 6 months.
Apply a tube to your cat every month.

Use biocidal products carefully.
Always read the label and product information before use.