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TINEAN PROTECT Foot Cream 20g antifungal cream


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  • Antifungal cream. Tinean Protect Cream feet prone to fungal infections. It contains antimicrobial substances: clotrimazole, triclosan and tea tree oil.Soothes irritation and itching, and takes care of the skin due to vitamin E and panthenol.

Aqua, cetearyl alcohol, Paraffinum Liquidum, isopropyl mirystate, isopropyl palmitate, glycerin, ceteareth-20, dimethicone, Clotrimazole, melaleuca alternifolia oil, panthenol, tocopharyl acetate, triclosane, limonene Action: Tinean Protect Foot cream perfectly nourishes the skin with prone to athlete's foot.Recommended for use on all skin of the feet, on the interdigital spaces and nails. The cream contains a known and appreciated materials that exhibit broad spectrum antimicrobial activity of clotrimazole, antiseptic triclosan and tea tree oil. The cream effectively soothes irritation caused by fungal infection, soothes and eliminates the annoying itching. In addition, the recipe of cream, were concluded vitamin E and panthenol - substances that moisturize and nourish the skin. Application: Tinean Protect Foot cream exposed to fungal infections. The product reduces irritation, soothes and moisturizes and nourishes the skin of the feet. Intended for use on the skin of the feet, nails and interdigital spaces. Usage:The cream applied to the skin clean and dry. Use 2 times a day.