Tonaxinum Forte night x 60 tablets support normal sleep

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  • Tonaxinum Forte at night, it's specially formulated preparation, the active ingredients affect relaxing and calming effect on the mind and body. The product makes it easy to mute and gently prepares the body for sleep and helps reduce night waking.

in 1 tabeltce night: 200 mg extract Chemiluminescent cones, 200mg magnolia bark extract containing 2% honokilu (4 mg), 100 mg of Melissa leaf extract, microcrystalline cellulose filler, sodium karboksymetylocelulozy- raising agent, silicon dioxide and stearate magnesium-caking agents, hydroksypropylometyloceluloza- glazing agent, hydroxypropyl cellulose and acid stearynowy- anti-caking agents, carbon tytanu- dye brilliant blue of FCF- dye, indigo carmine-dye. Action: Tonaxinum Forte at night, is an innovative and gentle to the body's agent based on herbal that helps you fall asleep and supports the physiological sleep without the effect of morning fatigue.In addition, use of the product Tonaxinum Forte, also reduces night waking, soothes and helps calm the body before sleep Dosage: 1-2 coated tablets half an hour before bedtime.