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Tonisan nasal spray 20ml, nasal mucosa


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  • Tonisan (nasal mucosa) nasal spray due to the presence of seawater effectively cleanses and relieves irritated mucous membranes. Appendix deksopantenolu contributes to a significant moisturizing and regenerating the inside of the nose.

1 ml of isotonic solution comprising: 20mg deksopantenolu, 202mg seawater, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, High purity water.

Tonisan nasal spray to a medical device with a unique activity. It consists of natural water from the Atlantic Ocean. As a result of the expansion level of dissolved salts therein is closer to a concentration optimal for the human body, being equal to the salt content in the cells of the nasal mucosa. At the same time the water does not lose valuable minerals (calcium or magnesium) which are dissolved therein. It is responsible for cleaning and a slight increase in the level of hydration of the nasal mucosa. Soothing and calming for drying occurring during the cold. Tonisan nasal spray also contains deksopantenol which has moisturizing properties. Coated with slight mucosal layer, which prolongs and enhances the action of sea water. Effectively protects and cares. Counteracts loss of moisture nose and supports the renewal process of the damaged mucosa. Additionally, the substances contained in the cold spray contribute to the liquefaction of the secretion and facilitate breathing.

- Hypersensitivity to the preparation Components

Use as a moisturizer or irritated overdried (under the effect of dry air), the nasal mucosa, as well as alternative symptoms of the rhinitis and allergic rhinitis. It is also recommended for the treatment of rhinitis (exposed to external influences such as fumes, smoke, dust, pollen), and the dissolution catarrhal secretions.

used topically. For children from 2 years of age and adults use 1-2 doses for each nostril. Infants and small children up to 2 years of age to apply 1 dose in each nostril.