TORMENTIOL ointment 20g bleeding ulcer treatment

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  • TORMENTIOL. The ointment TORMENTIOL is used to treat difficult to heal wounds, suppurative changes of the skin, varicose leg ulcers, inflammatory changes of the skin.

TORMENTIOL Composition:
active substances: Tormentillae rhizomae extractum fluidum (extract liquid from rhizomes pięciornika) 2.0 g Sulfobituminian 2.0 g of ammonium tetraborate 1.0 g of sodium Zinc Oxide 20.0 g excipients 100.0 g White petrolatum, lanolin, Vanillin .

The preparation of the associated action: astringent, bacteriostatic and anti-inflammatory. A drying effect on the skin, accelerates granulation and wound healing.

Used in the treatment of hard to heal wounds, purulent skin changes, varicose leg ulcers, inflammatory changes of the skin.

Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, you should cover the affected areas with a thin layer of ointment several times a day until symptoms disappear.