TOXIVET sorb powder for dog and cat 150 g

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Complementary feed for dogs and cats

TOXIVET sorb powder for dog and cat Product information
In the case of feeding-related diarrhea, it can be used as a support - also in combination with DarmAktiv. ToxiVet sorb contains, among other things, special brewer's yeast, which is rich in natural B vitamins, trace elements and essential amino acids and also supports the mucous protective barrier of the intestine and its unspecific immune system. In addition, it ensures a natural binding of toxins in the digestive tract.

An optimal supply of vitamins, trace elements and selected herbs supports the physiological organ functions and digestive processes, which are essential for a healthy life.

TOXIVET sorb powder for dog and cat Composition:
brewer's yeast, couch grass root, raspberry leaves

Analytical components and contents: crude protein 13.7%, crude fat 4.4%, crude fiber 7.1%, crude ash 34.5%, calcium 0.79%, phosphorus 0.28%, sodium 0.15%, ash insoluble in hydrochloric acid 25 , 0%

Analytical components per kg:
technological analytical components: Bentonite 1m558i 350g

TOXIVET sorb powder for dog and cat Feeding recommendation:
as required daily Cats 1/2 scoops, dogs up to 25kg 1 scoop, dogs up to 50kg 2 scoops, dogs over 50kg 3 scoops 1 scoop equivalent to about 1g
not The total amount of bentonite must not exceed the permissible in complete feed maximum level of 20000mg / kg complete feed exceed.

Simultaneous oral administration of macrolides should be avoided.