TRANSPULMIN cold balm + inhaler, cineole, menthol, camphor

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Transpulmin cold balm + inhaler, cineole, menthol, camphor 

tube with 100 g cream + inhaler with 2 breathing masks (one each for children and adults)
For inhalation in children over 6 years
For rubbing in children over 2 years
Camphor-containing ointments should not be used in children with an increased risk of seizures

Active medicinal ingredients:

cineole, menthol, camphor Areas of
For use on the skin and for inhalation. Transpulmin® cold balm is used externally to improve the condition of colds in the airways (such as uncomplicated colds, hoarseness and uncomplicated bronchial catarrh).

Dosage instructions, type and duration of use TRANSPULMIN cold balm + inhaler, cineole, menthol, camphor:


For inhalative use, depending on the severity of the symptoms and individual tolerance, several centimeters of the cream are poured over with hot water and the vapors are inhaled for a few minutes. To avoid possible irritation of the conjunctiva with this type of inhalation, please keep your eyes closed or cover them. 

The inhalation therapy is simplified by using the special Transpulmin® inhaler and the effect is intensified. 

The duration of application of Transpulmin® cold balm depends on the type, severity and course of the disease.


TRANSPULMIN cold balm + inhaler, cineole, menthol, camphor  Warnings:


Contains parabens as a preservative. note leaflet