TRAUMEEL S ampoules

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TRAUMEEL S ampoules

Traumeel ® S – always with you!
Liquid dilution for injection Reg. No.: 2522503.00.00 Areas of
application: Registered homeopathic medicinal product, therefore no indication of a therapeutic indication.


Indications TRAUMEEL S ampoules:


Injuries of all kinds (sports, accidents) such as sprains, dislocations, contusions, effusions of blood and effusions into a joint, fractures, etc; inflammatory processes and degenerative processes associated with inflammation on the various organs and tissues (e.g. periodontitis, suppuration of the gingival pockets, periodontosis), including, in particular, on the support and mobility apparatus (tendovaginitis, bursitis, scapulohumeral periarthritis), arthrosis of the hip, knee and small joints.

Use Traumeel for:-

  1. - Abscesses
  2. - After any trauma or shock
  3. - Arthritis bursitis
  4. - Concussion
  5. - Dermatitis
  6. - Dislocations
  7. - Herpes blisters
  8. - Inflamed swollen joints
  9. - ligament injuries
  10. - Muscle strains and cramps
  11. - Over-use injuries
  12. - Skin Irritations
  13. - Strains
  14. - Sunburn
  15. - Swelling and bruising of soft tissues
  16. - Tendonitis

active TRAUMEEL S ampoules ingredients

  • 15 mg Arnica montana D3
  • 4.5 mg Calendula officinalis mother tincture
  • 4.5 mg Hamamelis virginiana mother tincture
  • 1.5 mg Echinacea angustifolia mother tincture
  • 1.5 mg Echinacea purpurea mother tincture
  • 1.5 mg Chamomilla recutita mother tincture
  • 1 mg Symphytum officinale D4
  • 1 mg Bellis perennis mother tincture
  • 0.9 mg Hypericum perforatum D6
  • 0.9 mg Achillea millefolium mother tincture
  • 0.5 mg Aconitum napellus D1
  • 0.5 mg Atropa belladonna D1
  • 0.4 mg Mercurius solubilis Hahnemanni D6
  • 0.25 mg Hepar sulfuris D6

TRAUMEEL S ampoules excipients

  • Cetylstearyl alcohol, emulsifying (Type A)
  • Paraffin, viscous
  • Vaseline, white
  • water, purified
  • Ethanol 96% (v/v)

For TRAUMEEL S ampoules risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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How your body benefits from regular jogging
Traumeel ® S – always with you!

  • Traumeel ® S should not be missing in any medicine cabinet
  • Natural active ingredients against acute complaints, eg arnica, calendula, witch hazel and comfrey
  • Particularly effective as a strong duo of tablets and cream

Many people spend their working day sitting. However, since the human organism is geared towards physical activity, this often leads to health problems. The physical under-exertion also hinders the necessary stress reduction and thus leads to tension, imbalance and dissatisfaction. So it's no wonder that many "desk workers" want a sporting balance!

In order to become a "healthy runner", you don't have to be particularly athletic, or have complex equipment or special knowledge. Running has many positive effects on the entire organism: it strengthens the heart and circulation, supplies the brain with oxygen, stimulates the metabolism, reduces obesity and ensures relaxation.

Running is also perfect for stress reduction and relaxation. The steady rhythm of movement, the fresh air and experiencing nature help you switch off. If the muscles relax after the sporting effort, this also has a positive effect on the psyche. You are comfortably tired, satisfied and sleep better at night. An optimal balance to the stress of everyday working life!

Traumeel ® S is always with many joggers. TRAUMEEL S ampoules.

Traumeel tip for joggers
Beginners should be careful not to overstrain themselves. Because the musculoskeletal system only adapts over time. Muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons become more and more resilient over the weeks and months. If you train too intensively or too often, symptoms can result. Then you should stop the training immediately and only start again after improvement.