TRICODUR Cerviforte size 3, Osteochondrosis

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TRICODUR Cerviforte size 3 1 piece, Osteochondrosis

BSN medical Tricodur Cerviforte, Osteochondrosis, migraine cervical, Distortion

Tricodur Cerviforte is an anatomical cervical support with reinforcement elements incorporated on both sides in the lateral area. It is proven in practice and serves as a recognised aid for immobilisation and support of the cervical spine.
Thanks to the special manufacturing process, the anatomical cervical support has excellent shape stability and constance. The shape retention of the material is completely retained, even after numerous washes.

Thanks to recesses of the lower jaw contours as well as the contours of the shoulder and Clavicula from the foam body, Tricodur Cerviforte gets its excellent anatomical fit. The high dorsal design increases the support effect.

Tricodur Cerviforte is made of polyamide, polyester, polyurethane and polyethylene and is washable at 30 °C.


TRICODUR Cerviforte size 3, Osteochondrosis, Distortion, curved spine disease :


    • Osteochondrosis (wear and tear disease of the intervertebral discs and the vertebrae)

    • After surgery

    • Cervical migraines

    • Short-term after whiplash

    • Spondylarthrosis (spine disease)

    • Distortions (sprains)

    • Strains

    • Acute and chronic painful cervical syndrome

    • Low level HWS-Trauma