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TROMCARDIN COMPLEX SET with emergency box 2x180 pc

Trommsdorff GmbH & Co. KG

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Tromcardin ® complex set with emergency jar
2 x 180 tablets

TROMCARDIN COMPLEX SET with emergency box:
- For diet management in the case of heart diseases, especially cardiac arrhythmias
- Tromcardin complex supplies the body with various micronutrients: potassium, magnesium, folic acid, vitamin B12, niacin and coenzyme Q10.
- 2 x 2 tablets daily
- lactose and gluten-free
- food for special medical purposes (balanced diet)

Every fifth
person in Germany lives alone More and more people have an emergency and vaccination certificate, medication plan, living will, etc. at home.

In the case of medical emergencies in your own home, however, rescue workers often have the problem that no one can give them information about the condition of the person concerned. The patient may be unconscious and any relatives or neighbors present may not be able to give the rescuers any specific information in the excitement about medication the patient is taking and whether there is a health care proxy. It is therefore usually impossible for rescuers to find out where this emergency data is kept in the home.

TROMCARDIN COMPLEX SET with emergency box. The solution is in the refrigerator.

Your emergency data goes into the emergency box and is placed in the refrigerator DOOR. Now they have a permanent location and can easily be found in every household!

If the rescuers have arrived and see the sticker "emergency box" on the door and the refrigerator, the emergency box can be removed from your refrigerator door immediately and important and emergency information is immediately available.

The information in the emergency box is also of great help for relatives, friends and acquaintances. They are also under stress in an emergency situation and sometimes react very differently.

The emergency box is an offer that is not only of interest to the elderly. There are also allergies, diabetes and other illnesses among younger people that should be taken into account during treatment. The can speaks for itself and provides important information quickly and easily.

TROMCARDIN COMPLEX SET with emergency box Food for special medical purposes (balanced diet)