TROMCARDIN complex tablets 2X180 pcs

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Tromcardin ® complex tablets

For diet management in the case of heart diseases, especially cardiac arrhythmias. Food for special medical purposes (balanced diet).

TROMCARDIN complex Contents:
180 tablets correspond to 153 g.

TROMCARDIN complex Recommended intake:

2 x 2 tablets daily with a little liquid.


TROMCARDIN complex Important:
Tromcardin ® complex is to be used as a balanced diet under medical supervision and is not suitable for use as the sole source of food.
Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.

TROMCARDIN complex Note:
If you have impaired kidney function or if you are taking drugs that reduce the excretion of potassium, you should consult your doctor.

TROMCARDIN complex Food for special medical purposes (balanced diet).