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TRUETAPE CGM patch sensor patch beige

True Tape Sports GmbH

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TRUETAPE CGM patch sensor patch beige

Pack size:15 pieces Dosage form:Pavement

For securely fixing CGM systems on the skin.


Size wound dressing:

  • 9.5x8cm

Our patch was designed to securely and comfortably attach your CGM sensor to your skin,
no matter what you're up to. It can be changed at any time without endangering your sensor. The TRUETAPE®
sensor patch is best suited for Dexcom and Libre sensors, but can also be used for many other brands of CGM sensors of comparable size.

  • When sticking the patch, try not to touch the adhesive surface as this will impair adhesion.
  • If part of the patch comes away from the skin, it can be carefully removed with scissors.
    For example, it doesn't get stuck on clothes.
  • Do not use the patch on injured or irritated skin and do not tear it off suddenly.
  • The patch is waterproof. After showering, bathing or swimming, simply
    pat dry with a towel without rubbing. Please do not blow dry!
  • At the end of the application, rub the patch thoroughly but carefully onto the skin again. The
    glue is activated by the heat of friction.


  • Press the oval part of the backing paper up slightly to release it from the patch.
  • Now grab the paper and pull it completely away from the patch. Put the patch down briefly.
  • Take one of the tape chips and pull it apart a little so that you can grab the paper.
  • Peel off one half of the paper. The patch has an oval area into which the chip can be glued.
  • Now stick the first half of the tape chip, basically glue on glue, onto the space provided.
  • Peel the paper off the chip. Glue the rest on carefully and without folding. Press it firmly.
  • The middle no longer sticks! Now peel off one of the four remaining outer paper pieces.
  • Place the patch in the middle of your sensor and press it lightly against it.
  • Stick the patch on the skin. To do this, rub it onto the skin from the inside out. 1/4 now sticks!
  • Carefully peel away the paper from the opposite patch quarter.
  • Stroke from the inside out again and stick the next quarter of the patch onto the skin.
  • Repeat this step 2 more times and you're done. Rub the patch everywhere again.