TURBOBRONCHIAL 50 ml horse upper respiratory tract

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Turbobronchial Neu Vet. horse upper respiratory tract

Horse upper respiratory tract Areas of application:
Aroma and appetizing additive to support feed intake in case of problems with the upper respiratory tract.
Most companies have the greatest performance reserves in the respiratory system.
The feed conversion and intake is positively influenced by an optimal airway condition and thus optimized breathing.
If the respiratory tract is in optimal condition, the susceptibility to respiratory infections is massively reduced.
In nature, the animal would take up essential oils through the fresh plants. This is not / hardly guaranteed in pigs, but also in poultry and calves.
Active ingredients contained in essential oils are particularly important for the condition of the respiratory tract, but also for digestion.
The cleaning of the respiratory tract is particularly important here. Turbobronchial forte is a matter of course for many companies in terms of performance assurance.
It can be used over the entire fattening period.
Horse upper respiratory tract  Composition:
Highly concentrated essential oils (including eucalyptus, sage, anise, caraway, thyme)
Horse upper respiratory tract  Recommended use:
3-5 drops in a fragrance lamp or on a cloth.