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Turpentine oil 100g


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  • Turpentine oil is a product that causes blood vessels to dilate capillaries. It also works slightly antibacterial and expectorant.

oil of turpentine

The product belongs to a wide group of essential oils. The use of it can help treating pain and respiratory infections. It irritates the end of the sensory and the consequent expansion of capillary blood vessels, resulting in redness of the skin. Inhaled or in small doses orally exhibits expectorant properties.

It is recommended to use a product for pain of a neuralgic or rheumatic diseases, as well as by inhalation for long-term inflammation of the respiratory tract (especially with large amounts of mucus).

Apply topically or by inhalation. Lubricate the skin with a few drops of essential oil or inhale the brew made ​​with 10-20 drops per 250 ml of boiling water.