TUSSITIN mix for acute coughs and bronchitis

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Tussistin® Liquidum for acute coughs and bronchitis

pack size: 20ml 

for acute coughs and bronchitis

Active TUSSITIN mix for acute coughs and bronchitis ingredients:
Aconitum Dil. D3, Ipecacuanha Dil. D3, Bryonia Dil. D2, eucalyptus dil. D2 Areas of
The areas of application of Tussistin® are derived from the drug pictures of the four individual components. 

These include: Inflammation of the bronchi (bronchitis).
If the symptoms persist, if you have shortness of breath, if you have a fever or if you have purulent or bloody sputum, you should consult a doctor, as these may be diseases that require medical evaluation.

For risks and side effects, please read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Tussistin® helps with dry coughs, especially in the early stages of influenza infections. 

Painful hacking cough and dry coughing fits are quickly relieved.
The preparation makes it easier to cough up the often stubborn, viscous mucus and thus reduces the urge to cough.