ULGIX Flatulence x 50 capsules, excessive flatulence, intestinal gas


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  • ULGIX Flatulence is a product that contains simethicone responsible for easing discomfort associated with the occurrence of flatulence. It limits the surface tension of the mucus and alveolar gases contained in the intestines.

1 soft capsule contains: active substance: Simethicone 80 mg.Excipients: gelatin, glycerol, quinoline yellow E104.

Preparation based upon the simethicone is characterized by the action responsible for reducing the surface tension of the mucus and gas bubbles present in the intestines. Thanks helps eliminate excessive amount of gas accumulated within the digestive system, resulting in relieving symptoms associated with the occurrence of flatulence.

Use for digestive disorders manifested by a feeling of fullness, bloating, belching and rumbling in the belly. Indicated also before diagnostic tests Abdominal ultrasound technique, radiographic and endoscopic.

For oral use. In adults and adolescents be given 1 capsule. X 3-4 / 24 after eating and before bedtime.