UMCKALOABO liquid 100 ml Pelargonium sidoides root extract

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Pelargonium sidoides root extract Umckaloabo ®

active ingredient: Pelargonium sidoides root extract.

Areas of application:
Acute bronchitis (inflammation of the bronchi). Contains 12% alcohol by volume.

For Pelargonium sidoides root extract Umckaloabo ® information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
ISO Medicines - Ettlingen.

Umckaloabo ®

How to recognize a respiratory tract infection of the bronchi
A cold often starts with a sore throat. Children, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems are particularly vulnerable. And if the cold viruses get into the bronchi in the case of a respiratory infection, the symptoms of the cold generally worsen. This leads to a dry, tickly cough and often a lot of mucus. Fever, tiredness or headache can also occur. Basically, if a cold lasts longer than seven days, if the symptoms worsen significantly, or if the fever lasts for several days, a doctor should make an accurate diagnosis. The same applies to the occurrence of shortness of breath or bloody sputum.

Viruses are the leading cause of respiratory infections
Only a small proportion of 5-10% of respiratory infections are caused by bacteria. The rest, i.e. more than 90-95%, is caused by a viral infection. Antibiotics only work against bacteria, so treatment with them is only useful in a few cases.

Effectively combating respiratory infections of the bronchi
Umckaloabo® works against viruses that settle in the bronchi. In addition, the extract from the roots of the Cape Pelargonium helps to loosen stuck mucus and to shorten the duration of the disease overall. Umckaloabo® is very well tolerated and can be used in children from one year. Treatment in children under six years of age should be done in consultation with a doctor.

The right one for every patient: three different dosage forms
Umckaloabo® is characterized by good tolerance and is available in different dosage forms. The following applies to all three: Even after the symptoms have subsided, Umckaloabo® should be taken for a few more days. In this way a relapse can be avoided.

Pelargonium sidoides root extract Umckaloabo ®

  • Umckaloabo ® drops: Can be used for children from 1 year of age, adolescents and adults thanks to an age-appropriate dosage.
  • Umckaloabo ® film- coated tablets: The special extract in the form of an alcohol-free and gluten-free tablet is ideal for people who travel a lot.
  • Umckaloabo ® juice for children: The juice is free from alcohol, gluten and lactose. A pipette and a dosing cup make it easier to administer the medication.