Unigel Kids on the gel wound 5g, wound gel, treatment of abrasion


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  • Wound gel, treatment of abrasion. Children playing often damage the skin. Unigel Kids is a great product for wound healing. Thanks to its properties it limits the exudate and does not allow for infection.

Hydrophilic crosslinked methacrylate-based gel containing: 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate containing sterically bound amine base (HEMA / HAS), macrogol 300 (binder), aqua for injection (water).

Unigel Kids Wound Gel is a mandatory item in every home pharmacy. The hydrophilic properties of the formulation make it capable of absorbing exudates and ensuring the optimal environment for self-regeneration. The gel also binds oxygen-induced inflammation. The gel separates the wound from the dressing so that it does not irritate the wound. Creating a suitably moist environment and optimal pH conditions contributes to faster wound healing. In addition, a damp environment prevents the wound from drying out and the formation of non-aesthetic scabs, which reduces the visibility of the scar or prevent it from forming. The gel further reduces the pain caused by the wound. The unique composition of the product prevents the gel from sticking to the wound, This prevents it from opening during dressing change. Foil dressings are also included.

Unigel Kids on the wound gel is recommended for the treatment of abrasions and minor cuts and jerks, as well as burns I and II, blisters, seizures, skin cracks and herpes simplex.

Additional information:
The attached foil dressing can be cut with scissors.

Do not use in the case of side effects: allergy, increased pain in the wound.

How to use:
Clean the wound. Open the gel with the inverted nut. Spread the thin layer of gel on the surface of the wound, do not rub. The gel will create a special surface that will absorb the exudate. Apply gauze, immobilize with plaster, cover with foil. Apply the gel and change the dressing again after 12-24 hours or according to individual needs.