UNIMER BABY NaCl 0,9% 50 x 5ml ampoules

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  • UNIMER BABY NaCl 0,9% is a medical device of sodium chloride which exhibits cleansing and moisturizing. Preferably, the impact on the condition of the nasal mucosa during cold and checked during the treatment of wounds.

Sodium chloride 0.9 g, purified water

A medical device intended for topical use, it operates on the basis of sodium chloride or saline. Subject to the same concentration as the liquid in the body fluids. It does not cause irritation. Used during rhinitis, hydrates and purified mucosa associated with removing the drying discomfort. In addition, well suited for treatment of wounds and eye wash. It is completely safe for children's health.

Use the product within the care and hygiene of the nose. In addition, it is recommended to use it for cleaning wounds and eye wetting and cleaning of the nasal mucosa during cold. Can be used in infants from 1 day of age, infants, children and adults.

used topically. The contents of one ampoule should be used only once.