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UNIMIL Skyn Elite x 3 pieces condoms


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  • Condoms not only provide protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, they can also enhance the experience of both partners. Following this trail, select the ultra-thin condoms Mates Skyn ​​Elite.

Mates Skyn Elite is a new generation of soft, ultra-thin condoms. The innovative material Skynfeel ™, which has been made to ensure maximum portion of sensations, comfort and perfect fit. What is important is high quality and it is characterized by exceptional strength. The shape of a condom is a simple, complete reservoir, it is covered with a wetting agent. Condoms in natural color, width: 53mm.

Condoms Mates Skyn Elite recommended as protection against sexually transmitted diseases as well as a method of contraception.

Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature. Condom is electronically tested. It contains no natural rubber. Protect from sunlight, heat and moisture. The condom is not 100% protection.

How to use:
Before applying take a look at the information leaflet.