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UNIMIL Skyn Large x 3 pieces, non latex condoms


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  • UNIMIL Skyn ​​Large non latex condoms exhibits of contraception and protection against sexually transmitted diseases, while increasing sensations during intercourse due to its unique structure.

Ingredients: nielateksowy, polyisoprene

The product belongs to a new generation of condoms - made ​​of nielateksowego material (polyisoprene), which increases sexual sensitivity and improved comfort compared. First of all exhibits contraceptives and protection. Protects against sexually transmitted infections. Condoms are longer and wider than the standard security measures of this type. Coated with a moisturizing and very durable.Indications: It is recommended to use the product during sexual intercourse, in the framework of contraception and / or protection against sexually transmitted infections. Indicated for people allergic to latex and who want to increase sensation during intercourse.

For external use. Apply before intercourse requiring member.