URALYT-U indicator paper

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URALYT-U indicator paper

pack size:52X2 pc Dosage form:test strips

To control the urine pH.

Indicator paper Uralyt®-U
52 x 2 test strips
pH 5.6–8.0
for checking the pH of urine
In vitro diagnostics for personal
use Observe the instructions for use!

Collect fresh urine in a cup. Tear off a test strip with dry fingers. Dip test strip in urine for 1 second, pull out and shake off excess liquid. Depending on the pH value, the strip changes color at the wetted point. Compare the color with the color chart within 2 minutes. Read the value that comes closest to the color of the test strip (reading accuracy: ± 0.1 pH). Dispose of used test strips in the household waste. Seek expert advice for reviews.

URALYT-U indicator paper Note: The usability of unused test strips is not affected by any discoloration.
Do not use test strips more than once!
Store dry and protected from light!

These instructions for use were last revised in March 2010.
Source: information on the outer packaging

URALYT-U indicator paper Distribution: Rottapharm | Madaus GmbH, 51101 Cologne.