URINE ATTACK vet. 100 ml for marking points of dogs

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URINE ATTACK vet. 100 ml for marking points of dogs

- ideally suited for litter boxes, marking points of dogs, "defecation points", urinated textiles, furniture, etc.
- even works with urine and excrement odors from dogs and cats on carpets, tiles, wood, in the car, etc.
- fittings, Chromium etc. are NOT attacked
- suitable for INSIDE and OUTSIDE
- can be used preventively and for treatment
- also harmless if animals lick off the treated areas
- extremely economical in use

casaCare UrinAttacke can be used in a variety of ways: sanitary facilities, restaurants, airports, schools, sports and leisure facilities, dog parks, exhibition halls, animal marketplaces, cars, apartments, discos, dog schools, animal boarding houses, after major events (

e.g. feces ) etc. 2-step method of action:
step 1: Immediate effect through highly effective odor absorbers
Level 2: Long-term effect through microorganisms that deeply break down unpleasant urine and faecal odors

- Penetrates into the joints and breaks down urine thoroughly and reliably without attacking the joints
- extremely economical in use
- does not leave any Stains!!
- Can be used in all public and private sanitary areas, eg kindergartens, schools, sports and leisure parks, etc. Recommendation for

simply spray on and allow to take effect; can also be added to the mopping water