UROFORT oral fluid 100g bladder infection

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  • Bladder infection Urofort, a measure used in nephrolithiasis and subsidiarity in inflammation of the urinary tract and kidneys. The composition is bearberry leaf, goldenrod herb and herb nettle. The formulation indicated as infections of the bladder and ureters.

100g of the drug contains:
Extractum fluidum (1: 1) compositum ex:
Uvae ursi folium (bearberry leaf) -45,0g
Solidaginis herba (goldenrod herb) -35,0g
urticae herba (nettle herb) - 20 g
Package preparation contains 1, 50 g of arbutin.

Action: Urofort is a herbal preparation, which specially composed composition, has a beneficial effect on the urinary tract and is used traditionally in the sand renal (kidney stones), a subsidiary of inflammation of the urinary tract and kidneys, and infections of the ureters and bladder.

Dosage: Adults and children over 12 years: 4 ml of the drug 5 times a day. the drug should be taken after a meal. The appropriate dose must be diluted with a small amount of water. The packaging is accompanied by a scoop of scale to dispense the drug.