UROFURAGINUM (furaginum) 50mg x 30 pills, uro furaginum, furagin, Adamed


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UROFURAGINUM (furaginum) 50mg x 30 pills, uro furaginum, furagin, Adamed

  • UROFURAGINUM (furaginum) is a drug without a prescription, containing the active substance furaginum. Furagina inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause urinary tract infections.
  • OTC available without prescription


UROFURAGINUM furaginum Composition:

Active substance: furagina, 1 tablet contains 50 mg furaginum. The other ingredients: corn starch, sucrose, colloidal silica, stearic acid.

The product belongs to a group of medicines available without a prescription. Furagine comprises - a substance which is responsible for the retention of growth of pathogenic bacteria (the operation portion includes Gram-positive and many Gram-negative strains) cause urinary tract infections. Already within a few hours, the preparation relieves pain and burning, the symptoms of a bladder infection occurring during micturition. Furagina quickly absorbed and reaches maximum concentration in the blood within 30 minutes of admission.

- Hypersensitivity to ingredients
- pregnancy
- dehydrogenase deficiency of glucose-6-phosphate
- polyneuropathy
- kidney failure
- do not use in children and adolescents

Use the preparation in order to support the functioning of the urinary tract.

For oral use. On the first day of the dose UROFURAGINUM used in Table 2. 4 x / 24, then reduce the dose to 2 pills. x 3/24. Use a maximum of 7-8 days. If necessary, repeat the treatment after two weeks.