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Urohelp 36 is a special food supplement containing an effective complex of natural extracts of birch, bearberry and cranberry, which supports the kidneys and urinary tract and helps them function properly.

Urohelp 36 is a concentrated triple-acting formula that quickly clears the urinary tract of bacteria and cystitis with just 1 capsule a day and reduces the unpleasant accompanying symptoms of urinary tract infections such as burning and pain when urinating and urinating frequently. The contained extract of birch leaves is rich in useful bioactive substances, such as triterpenes, betulinic and nicotinic acid, flavonol glycosides and others that favor the activity of the kidneys and urinary tract.

Bearberry extract is rich in flavonoids and phenolic glycosides, which support the physiological function of the kidneys and urinary tract. Cranberry extract contains phenolic glycosides, catechins, organic acids and quercetin, which provide overall support to the kidneys and urinary tract.

  • Fast and long-lasting effect
  • Permanently relieves discomfort when urinating - burning, frequent, difficult and painful urination
  • Blocks the growth of bacteria and limits the possibility of recurrence of urinary tract infections

BIRCH: Birch leaf extract contains tetracyclic triterpenes, betulinic acid, nicotinic acid, flavonol glycosides, tannins and more. Young leaves are especially rich in active substances. Birch extract contributes to the normal functioning of the kidneys and urinary tract.

BEAR GRAPES: Bear grapes are rich in phenolic glycosides - arbutin and methylarbutin. It also contains the flavonoids quercetin and myricitrin. Bearberry extract contributes to the normal physiological functioning of the kidneys and urinary tract.

CRANBERRY: Cranberry extract contains mainly phenolic glycosides, tannins (catechins), quercetin, organic acids. Cranberry extract contributes to the normal functioning of the kidneys and urinary tract.

One daily intake

36 mg proanthocyanidins (PAC) in one capsule

Urohelp 36 Dosage:

It is recommended to take 1 capsule daily after meals. It is recommended to eat fruits and vegetables to help alkalize the urine. The duration of use of UROHELP is 1 month, after which a short break is taken.