UROVAL Monosan x 30 tablets, bladder infection


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  • Bladder infection. Indications for use Uroval monos are acute or chronic cystitis, post-treatment bladder infection with antibiotics, complement treatment during treatment with antibiotics prophylactically to avoid

The content of nutrients in 100g: saccharides 85,5g; vegetable protein 1.9; Fats 0.4 g; energy value: 1501 kJ / 353 kcal

Components 1 tablet Daily dose: 4 tablets
D-mannose (pharmaceutical quality) 400 mg 1600 mg
Cranberries (standardized extract) 100 mg 400 mg

Other ingredients:
talc, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate (anti-caking), hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (stabilizer)

Provides secure assistance in resolving problems urological. Uroval monos is an original complex of natural substances: monosaccharide D-Manos and cranberry extract, which effectively helps prevent the occurrence of undesirable bacteria in the urinary tract and the positive effect on bladder function.

- acute or chronic cystitis,
- for the treatment of bladder infections with antibiotics,
- filling treatment in the course of antibiotic treatment
- prophylactically to avoid problems during the period of increased risk for inflammations urological

Recommended dose: 1-2 tablets 2 times a day 20 minutes before eating, drink a sufficient amount of fluid