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Urtica dioica, Nettle root, mother tincture, urinary tract

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urinary tract, Nettle root – Urtica dioica, mother tincture 20 ml

Nettle root mother tincture to support the urinary tract

Urtica dioica, Nettle root – mother tincture, urinary tract. The nettle – a traditional medicinal plant


The nettle (Urtica dioica) belongs to the nettle family (Urticaceae) and reaches a height of up to 1.5 meters. It blooms between July and October and occurs worldwide. It spreads very quickly and indicates soil containing nitrogen. The leaves and roots of the nettle are used in teas, tablets and infusions.

Urtica dioica, urinary tract, Nettle root – mother tincture . The versatile uses of nettle


Everyone has probably had experience with the stinging hairs of the nettle. This leads to the typical burning sensation on the skin and the formation of hives. This involves formic acid and its salt, sodium formate as well as histamine, acetylcholine and serotonin. But the nettle also has pleasant properties. The green parts of the plant are most commonly used. They have a dehydrating effect due to their high mineral content, especially potassium. Nettle tea is therefore a good rinsing agent for kidney stones and inflammation of the urinary tract. Inflammatory joint diseases such as rheumatism can also be alleviated by taking concentrated nettle extracts. This is ensured by unsaturated fatty acids and caffeoyl malic acid. Nettle root is particularly recommended at the beginning of a benign enlarged prostate. The active substances are phytosterols and lectins.

Urtica dioica, urinary tract, Nettle root mother tincture


The mother tincture from nettle root can be used for various bladder and prostate problems. However, if you have severe symptoms, you should always consult a doctor. The nettle mother tincture is made by hand from a fresh plant that has been exposed to the sun.


Water, alcohol (40%), wild-collected nettle root

Recommended consumption for the nettle root mother tincture for urinary tract:


Drink a liter of water flavored with 10 to 15 drops of nettle root tincture throughout the day.
The nettle root tincture is packaged in violet glass protected from light and therefore has a long shelf life and is also vegan and free from

  • artificial additives
  • preservatives
  • Genetic engineering
  • animal testing