UVEBLOCK SPF50 + colored cream 40ml.


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UVEBLOCK 50 - ISISPHARMA cream for high sun protection

UVEBLOCK SPF50 + colored cream Display ENMARK:

UVEBLOK 50 is protective cream with a protection factor of 50 and is designed for photosensitive skin or to prevent sunburns at sea or mountains. The product protects against ultraviolet (A, B and C) and infrared rays. Uveblok 50 is suitable for babies and children because it does not contain chemical filters.

Method of application
Apply the parts of the body that are most exposed to the sun, and the procedure should be repeated every 4 - 5 hours. WEBLOCK 50 is water resistant and does not contain dyes and fragrances!

Water / oil emulsion composition ; zinc oxide; micronized titanium dioxide.

Package 40ml

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