UZARA 40 mg coated diarrhea tablets

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UZARA ® diarrhea coated tablets

Pack size:50 pc Dosage form:Tablets, coated

For use in children from 6 years of age and adults
Active ingredient: Uzara root dry extract.
For the treatment of unspecific acute diarrheal diseases.
In the case of diarrhea, replacement of fluids and electrolytes must be taken as the most important treatment measure.
If you have diarrhea that lasts longer than 2 days or are accompanied by blood or temperature increases, you must consult your doctor.
Contains glucose, lactose, sucrose (sugar) and wheat starch.

For diarrhea information on risks and side effects, please read the package insert and ask your doctor and pharmacist.

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UZARA ® diarrhea coated tablets Grab

the root of the evil! UZARA® is a herbal medicine for acute diarrhea for adults and children from 12 years of age.
UZARA® is a dry extract from the root of Xysmalobium undulatum, a perennial native to South Africa. The medicinal plant, which is highly valued in African folk medicine, reached Germany as early as the beginning of the last century. In the first decades, the roots of wild plants were collected for the production of UZARA® and exported to Germany. Due to the great demand, the wild plants were cultivated in South Africa and have been grown in sufficient quantities since then. In Germany, the roots are then processed according to strictly defined quality guidelines.

UZARA® is available in pharmacies without a prescription. In the dosage forms: solution, alcohol-free juice or coated tablets.

Good reasons for diarrhea UZARA ®
• works purely plant-based
• is well tolerated
• reduces diarrhea quickly and gently