VAGERMINA PREBIOTIK 10 vaginal ovules / VIDERMINA Ovuli prebiotics

Ganassini Institute

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Ovuli prebiotics suitable for use in case of vaginal imbalance.

Ideal medical device for prevention of vaginosis, bacterial vaginitis, after administration of antibiotics or in local and / or systemic fungal infections. It contains lactic acid, vitamin B5 and oligosaccharides, which help to restore normal pH and support the functions of lactobacilli in the vagina. Vidermina has a calming and protective effect.

Suitable for pregnant women!


Remove the ovule and place it in the vagina, preferably lying down. Put 1 ovule a day, preferably in the evening, after thorough cleansing with warm water. It is good hygiene to wash your hands before and after using the medical device.

Frequency of use: 1 ovule per day for 10 days or as prescribed by your doctor.