Vaginal applicator Octenisept

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Vaginal applicator Octenisept x 1 piece,

  • The vaginal applicator for the Octenisept preparation is intended to be used to facilitate the precise application of the liquid directly to the vaginal mucosa. The applicator can be used for the duration of one treatment cycle.

Vaginal applicator Octenisept Action: The vaginal applicator Octenisept was created to facilitate the application of liquid to the vaginal mucosa. The applicator should be placed on the preparation bottle. It is adapted to spray the liquid both when the bottle is placed vertically and when it is upside down.

Vaginal applicator Octenisept Application:
Vaginal applicator for the Octenisept preparation intended for use for direct application of Octenisept liquid to the vagina. This preparation is recommended, among others in the prevention and treatment of wounds and irritations of the vaginal mucosa.

Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children at room temperature.

Usage: The applicator is suitable for one treatment cycle. Then remove it. Put the applicator on the bottle. Application: insert the applicator deep into the vagina. It can be used in a sitting position (on the toilet) or in a lying position (on the bed). After use, wipe the applicator.