VAGIWELL Dilator No.6, vagina stretching, How to stretch vagina

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VAGIWELL Dilator No.6, vagina stretching, How to stretch vagina

pack size: 1 pc

Vaginal stretching pen for personal, clinical and home use.

The Vagiwell® dilator no. 6 was developed for women who want to practice stretching or keeping the vagina open themselves.

VAGIWELL Dilator No.6, vagina stretching, How to stretch vagina. There are several situations in which this may be necessary:

​​— Due to or after prolonged cancer treatment with radiation or chemotherapy

— Other, personal reasons why the vagina feels too tight

— As a result of transgender surgery (male to female sex reassignment) and “ Keeping the artificially formed vagina open

— pain during sexual intercourse due to the vagina being too narrow

The stretching pins 1 - 5 of the Vagiwell Premium can be used for stretching. Only then can Vagiwell No. 6 to be introduced. The Vagiwell no. 6 possibly worn for a long time. The eyelets can be used for fastening, if necessary, if the dilator is to be worn in the vagina for a longer period of time.